Office of Inclusive Excellence

Latinx and African American Solidarity

September 6, 2023

By Gurman Grewal

It is important for the Latinx community to be in solidarity with the African American community because of the treatment and racism that both communities have faced. It is difficult to combat these difficulties alone as one group. From voter suppression, racial violence , the violation of human rights and so much more, both communities have faced these but have often faced them separately. It is important that the Latinx community join forces with the African American community and enact solidarity, ultimately working together to fight common issues. Through this aid, more policies can be implemented in combating the common issues both communities face. Policies that may have not been fought or added in the first place. There is not only strength in numbers but also in diversity. Combating racism and the related inequities and oppressions can be done through organizing, campaigning, and showing solidarity in the day to day. 

There is so much to change and improve in our society and it can not be accomplished without the collective of the Latinx and African American communities. The Latinx community and the African American community have gone through many oppressive acts at different times. However, at this moment it’s time, there is a possibility to act in solidarity and mutual benefit.


Gurman Grewal is from Salinas, CA. He is currently a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship.