Office of Inclusive Excellence

Native American student group formed

Of the 7,100 students enrolled at Cal State Monterey Bay last fall, fewer than 1 percent identified themselves as Native American.

With support from Dr. Browning Neddeau, a professor in the Liberal Studies Department, some of those students have organized Native American Students United (NASU). Dr. Neddeau and Mark Alabanza, assistant director for academic personnel, are club advisers. The group meets monthly and is open to Native American students, faculty and staff.

NASU has invited a group of students from McKinleyville High School in Humboldt County to visit campus on April 11. “To my knowledge, this is the first time that CSUMB has hosted a Native high school student club visit,” Dr. Neddeau said.

“Our CSUMB Native students and potentially faculty and staff will help with the tours and talking circle at the end of the day,” he said.

The club meets the third Tuesday of the month, from 6 to 7 p.m., in Bldg. 2, Room 111.

A Native Advisory Council (NAC) has also been formed, with 16 students, staff, faculty and community members.

NAC serves three purposes:

to provide community and support for students;to build community and continue campus relations with tribes;to advise campus administrators on issues relevant to the support of Native students, faculty, staff and alumni.As word spreads about NAC, the number of active participants is expected to grow. The current outreach efforts include connecting with various tribes that represent CSUMB students.

Both the club and the advisory council are supported by the Office of Inclusive Excellence.

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