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Office of Inclusive Excellence and Sustainability

Message from the President

President Ochoa's Picture

The Founding Vision statement of Monterey Bay states: “The identity of the university will be framed by substantive commitment to multilingual, multicultural, gender-equitable learning.”

The commitment to create a community of diverse learners and scholars is an expression of caring, valuing and support for all the individuals who are part of this community. We all share a responsibility to ensure that we live, study, and work in an environment that fosters care, respect, and belonging. We are fortunate at CSUMB to have a community of individuals with diverse journeys, perspectives, beliefs, cultures, abilities, and identities who are able to interact with and learn from each other every day. Ensuring that everyone in our community is respected and receives equal access and opportunity is critical to fulfilling the promise of Cal State Monterey Bay.

The Founding Vision of Monterey Bay defined a university that would be dedicated to the success of all the diverse peoples of California. Since our founding, we have remained committed to that vision and to maintaining a “culture of innovation,” which is enhanced by embracing the diverse perspectives, cultures and journeys that are present in our community. In this community we know that diversity and inclusive excellence are not just lofty words, but are necessary attributes of an education that provides the ability to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

I encourage all of us in our Monterey Bay community to not only foster a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion, but to also continually look for ways to leverage that diversity as an asset in improving the education of our students for the changing demands and requirements of global citizenship.