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Message from the Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence

Brian Corpening Photo

As the Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence and member of the CSUMB community, I would like to introduce myself and briefly discuss the role of the Office of Inclusive Excellence in supporting this university's commitment to an inclusive and equitable campus. I have spent my entire career committed to ensuring that access and opportunity were available to all of the students, faculty, and staff present on the campuses where I worked. Equitable access and opportunity are at the core of what colleges and universities can do to leverage the transformative power that they possess in shaping individuals and communities. Leveraging the transformative power of this institution through inclusion and the constant pursuit of excellence is exciting work that I am committed to.

The work that is being done by faculty, staff, and administrators every day to support the goals and aspirations of the students attending this university is inspiring. Even with all of the great work that is being done to create and support an inclusive and equitable campus, there is still a lot of work to be done in ensuring that every person on campus feels a strong sense of belonging and value. My efforts and the efforts of the Office of Inclusive Excellence are focused on helping all of us live, study, and work in an inclusive and equitable community. We will continue to be committed to being a resource, a partner and a provider of training centered on social justice, equity, and inclusion.

The founding vision statement of Monterey Bay articulates a commitment to ensuring that the students who graduate from the university will possess, “the critical thinking abilities to be productive citizens, and the social responsibility and skills to be community builders.” Those are admirable and lofty aims that are predicated on fostering and supporting an environment of interaction and collaboration that is intercultural in its intent and impact. I am honored to be a member of this community as we continue to move forward in creating the community that formed the vision of this university nearly twenty-five years ago.

Brian Corpening, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence

Chief Diversity Officer

Office of Inclusive Excellence

(831) 582-3366