Equity & Inclusion Plan

(DRAFT) Equity and Inclusion Plan

The President’s Committee on Equity and Inclusion has been working on a campus diversity plan (“The CSUMB Equity and Inclusion Plan”). President Ochoa charged the committee to develop a plan based on the findings from the Diversity Mapping Project and the Campus Climate Study. The plan has two parts: 1) the body that provides a framework for diversity work on campus and 2) the first “cycle” of action steps with specific strategies and outcomes for three years (2017-18 through 2019-2020). Establishing 2-3 year cycles of work allows the campus to focus on current priorities, rather than long-term goals that often get outdated.

We will continue to vet the Equity and Inclusion Plan this fall to numerous groups. The timeline is for the plan to be finalized by the end of fall 2017. We invite you to review the plan and provide any feedback to us!

Equity and Inclusion Plan Timeline

Equity & Inclusion Plan Timeline

Equity & Inclusion Plan Timeline PDF


The Office of Inclusive Excellence is established

Spring & Summer 2014:

Halualani & Associates conducts a Diversity Mapping Project at CSUMB.

Fall 2014:

The Diversity Mapping Project findings are presented.

Campus Climate survey and focus group protocols are developed.

Spring & Summer 2015:

Campus Climate surveys are administered; focus groups for students, faculty, and staff are conducted.

Fall 2015:

Campus Climate survey and focus group results are analyzed

Spring 2016:

Campus Climate survey vetting process continues.

Begin vetting draft of Equity & Inclusion plan to campus

Fall 2016:

Continue vetting draft Equity & Inclusion Plan to campus

Equity & Inclusion Plan finalized


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