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El Centro/Center for Latiné Student Success

Location & Contact Info

Location: Building 12, Room 125


Open Drop-In Hours:

Mondays, 12-5pm

Fridays, 12-5pm

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

The Latiné Student Success Center, also known as El Centro’s mission is to cultivate, strengthen, and advance an inclusive and empowering community for students, staff and faculty from a Latiné/Chicanx background and members from other marginalized groups to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary in order to flourish emotionally, socially, academically and professionally.

La misión de El Centro de Éxito Estudiantil Latiné (El Centro) es que cultivará, fortalecerá y promoverá una comunidad inclusiva y empoderadora para estudiantes, personal y facultad Latiné/Chicanx, para desarrollar habilidades, conocimientos y la actitud necesaria para prosperar emocionalmente, socialmente, académicamente y profesionalmente.

Vision Statement:

The Latiné Student Success Center, also known as El Centro is a vibrant and inclusive community where each individual feels valued and proud of their traditions and cultural roots, allowing them to reach their full potential. As one, we will gain the confidence and initiative to promote awareness of the social, political, economic, historical, and cultural experiences of communities with Latiné/Chicanx backgrounds and members from other marginalized groups; whilst supporting the increase of Latinx student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates at California State University, Monterey Bay.

El Centro de Éxito Estudiantil Latiné (El Centro) es una comunidad vibrante e inclusiva donde cada individuo se siente valorado y orgulloso de sus tradiciones y raíces culturales, que les permite alcanzar su potencial completo. Como una unidad, obtendremos la confianza y iniciativa para promover la conciencia de las experiencias sociales, políticas, económicas, históricas y culturales de las comunidades Latiné/Chicanx; apoyando el aumento de inscripción, retención y graduación de estudiantes Latinos en la Universidad Estatal de California, Bahía de Monterey.

Programmatic Areas

  • Multicultural Programming and Wellness
  • Diversity, Advocacy, and Outreach
  • Academic Programs and Support Services
  • Professional/Leadership Development and Mentorship
  • Research, Career Services, and Graduate Studies

Newsletter - Spring 2023

Newsletter - Spring 2023

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Financial donations contribute to El Centro's general fund, which will help us purchase items needed for our physical space, as well as support future programs, workshops, events, and student needs.