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Update Identity Information

CSUMB is pleased to announce that the CSU system, in compliance with the California Assembly Bill (AB) 620, Section 2 (2011), has three new fields for identity information data regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

Students now have the opportunity to voluntarily respond to questions about their sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression via their Student Center in CMS. Student responses will be kept private and secure, and will be used for summary demographic reporting only (no individual identities will be revealed). Additionally, students may change their responses at any point during the year by returning to the same page in CMS Student Center.

Through your participation, summary demographic reporting will be used to better support all of our student populations. We encourage your response and look forward to more accurately reflecting the identities of our diverse campus community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of the Registrar.



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Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Current Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Building 8: Sand hall

Building 47: Student Services

Building 80: Health & Wellness Center

Building 84: Mountain Hall, Suite E

Building 10: Dunes Hall

Building 86: Ocean Hall, Suite D

Building 508:Tanimura & Antle Family Library (Next to Peet's Coffee)

Gender Inclusive Restrooms Map

Get Involved

An Affinity Group is a group of faculty and staff linked by a common purpose, ideology, or interest. Affinity Groups play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed. They can provide a collective voice for faculty and staff with common interests, and are affiliated with and can receive funding support from the Office of Inclusive Excellence. As a member, you can play a vital role in ensuring an inclusive environment where all are valued, included, and empowered to succeed.

Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member, you can get involved in promoting inclusion and equity on campus by participating in campus events, joining a student club, or joining a campus affinity group.

Otter Cross Cultural Center

Student Activities & Leadership Development

Staff/Faculty Affinity Groups

LGBTQ+ Affinity Group



Asian Pacific Islander Affinity Group


Jay Singh, Cooperative Learning Center Director

(831) 582-4518

African American Affinity Group

The African American Heritage Faculty and Staff Alliance is a group of dedicated CSUMB faculty and staff purposed with providing community for one another and supporting the University's students. Re-established in 2009, the Alliance continues to grow as the demands for diversity and inclusion widen and deepen. It seeks to be an integral part of the community as the campus continues to grow and works with various campus partners including the Otter Cross Cultural Center and the Office of Inclusive Excellence.

African American Heritage Faculty Staff Alliance - Meets the third Wednesday of Month

Location: 3rd Floor Library Conference Room 3145

For more information email:

Chicana/o Latina/o Faculty Staff Association (CLFSA)


Kenny Garcia, Librarian

(831) 582-3534

Native American Council Affinity Group

The Native Advisory Council (NAC) has also been formed, with 16 students, staff, faculty and community members.

NAC serves three purposes:

-To provide community and support for students;

-To build community and continue campus relations with tribes;

-To advise campus administrators on issues relevant to the support of Native students, faculty, staff and alumni.

As word spreads about NAC, the number of active participants is expected to grow. The current outreach efforts include connecting with various tribes that represent CSUMB students.

For more information contact:

Browning Neddeau

Follow the group on Facebook

Student Affinity Groups

· Asian Pacific Islander Association (APIA)

· Black Students United (BSU)

· CLGA (Chican@ Latin@Graduation Association)

· International Office -

· LGBTQ & Allied Advocates -

Middle Eastern Club

· Mobimiento Estudiantil Chican@ de Aztlan (M.E.Ch.A)

· National Association for the Advancement of ColoredPeople (NAACP)

· Native Advisory Council (NAC)

· Native American Students United (NASU)

· Pride CSUMB -

· Student Awareness and Disability Empowerment (SADE)

· Student Disability Resources -

Affinity Celebration Spotlight

African American Affinity Graduation Celebration

African American Affinity Graduation Celebration

Chicana/o Latina/o Graduation Celebration

Chicana/o Latina/o Graduation Celebration

Rainbow Affinity Graduation Celebration

Rainbow Affinity Graduation Celebration

Native American Affinity Graduation Celebration

Native American Affinity Graduation Celebration

Each year, several graduation celebrations are hosted by CSUMB affinity groups. In addition to the main graduation ceremonies, these events bring together friends, family and community while celebrating the rich diversity of the campus.

Click to view some of the Affinity Graduation Celebration Photos for Spring 2018