Office of Inclusive Excellence and Sustainability

Campus Climate Study, 2022

CSUMB is participating in national surveys on campus climate. Conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, there is a student-focused Diverse Learning Environments Survey (DLE), Staff Climate Survey (SCS), and HERI Faculty Survey survey (FAC). The HERI surveys capture both personal experiences and perceptions of campus climate from the perspective of students, faculty, and staff for a more complete understanding of the climate for diversity on campus. Senior administrators at CSUMB and higher education researchers will use the results from this survey to improve the student, staff, and faculty experience. 

2022 Timeline

Spring: Campus Climate Survey administered

September: Focus groups conducted

End of September: Results from UCLA HERI anticipated

September-October: Code/analyze focus group results

November-early December: Share full study results with campus

Campus Climate Survey Student Results Most students are having a positive experience, however: A substantial number of students of color, LGBTQ students & students with disabilities -Report experiencing discrimination - Don't feel a sense of belonging Expressed a need for more diversified curriculum Expressed a need for more diverse faculty Respondent Profile 15% identify as LGBTQ+ 30% work 1-20 hours off campus per week 23% work 21-40 hours a week 35% identified as multi-racial 38% speak a language other than english at home Note: 25.8% of student body responded to survey -1833 respondents/230 questions

Campus Climate Survey Faculty & Staff Results Most faculty and staff are having a positive experience, however: -Tenure-line faculty & African American faculty & staff show less favorable results 48% of comments from faculty & staff reflected concern in 4 major areas Inclusion & Diversity Lack of adequate staff/faculty/admin diversity Age bias Gender bias Racial bias Microagressions Communication Disrespectful communication No staff mechanism for input Insufficient communication between departments/others on campus Hierarchies Between faculty, staff, &admin Between tenure line & lecturer faculty Disregarded voices, disrespectful behavior Pay/Recognition Little opportunity for advancement (staff) Inequities in pay, inadequate pay Work not valued in department


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