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Brand & Visual Identity

A brand is a prize, an award - one that can only be bestowed upon your company by the marketplace.
Austin McGhie, "Drop the word 'brand' from your vocabulary." Advertising Age. 20 NOV 2012

Every person and organization seeks to establish a proud identity. Though some act more bold­ly than others in the process, at some level we all want others to know who we are and what we stand for.

CSUMB is no different. As a university, we target the creation of a clear and strong identity within the academic world, our region, California, the nation, and beyond. Over time, we hope to arrive at a point where the mention of our name or the appearance of our logo elicits a specific positive response due to association with our founding vision and our accomplishments.

Venn diagram of promise, values and personality

We follow a model developed by Cal State Fullerton that revolves around the intersection of promise, personality and values.


"Our promise is the meaning of our programs, attributes, and outcomes that the University reliably delivers to stakeholders."


At CSUMB, this means how we teach should reflect the outcomes we believe in. It means the delivery of services should fulfill and inspire. It means the relationships we build with you before, during and after your commencement should be meaningful and sincere.


It also means you can look at the accomplishments of our faculty, staff and alumni knowing we are innovators and influencers in our global society.


"Our institutional personality is how we look, sound, and behave in our communications, events, service delivery, and all other touchpoints."

President Clinton addresses CSUMB
President Clinton in 1995


In 1995, then-President Bill Clinton called us "the 21st campus for the 21st century." We see ourselves as emergent and lean; we are ready to jump to the next innovation without being weighed down by bureaucracy or politics.


We see ourselves as fun and adventurous. We live and work in a beautiful part of the world and are closer to natural or man-made laboratories than our peers. We also have one foot on the sand and another in the ocean.


We never forget we are making a future for people who never envisioned it. Our commitment to "serve the diverse people of California" means we think about changing cultural norms that would otherwise prevent someone from lifelong learning.


"Our values demonstrate our character and represent those shared principles that bind us together and inform our decision-making."


Our Founding Vision Statement has guided us since 1994. It was created with the surrounding community, and it propels us into our future endeavors.

From that document comes ideals that we proudly hold as part of our DNA, including service learning, social justice and social activism.


We don't want to be just another "comprehensive university." We want your experience at CSUMB to have changed how you perceive the world and to make it better than when you started.

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