Admitted Students FAQ

What does “conditional admission” mean?

All offers of admission to freshmen and transfer students are conditional. Students typically apply before completing their senior year of high school or last semester of community college. Applying prior to the completion of high school or community college means that one or more classes are in progress and we will not have final grades for these courses until later in the year.

We conditionally admit students based on self-reported and in-progress coursework as filled out on the application in Cal State Apply during the application filing period.

All applicants must maintain eligibility by completing all courses with passing grades, submitting required test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, etc), and adhering to all deadlines and other requirements.

Can I confirm enrollment without paying my $100 confirmation deposit?

No, the deposit must be paid by May 1st for Fall Applicants and December 1st for Spring Applicants.

Can the $100 confirmation deposit be waived?

No, all students must pay the deposit.

Can I make up missing required courses the summer before I transfer?


Where can I find more information about what to do after I am admitted?

Visit After You're Accepted - Freshmen or After You're Accepted - Transfers for more information on the next steps after you have been admitted. For International Students, please visit the International Admitted Students page for more information.

Is new student orientation mandatory?

No, however it is strongly recommended. Students that attend receive a priority registration. The Office of Admissions also guarantees that your transfer credits will be assigned by your orientation date.

When can I register for new student orientation?

You can register for orientation once you have paid your enrollment confirmation deposit and your orientation fees. Visit for more information.

I plan to live in on-campus housing. When can I apply for housing?

You can apply for housing after you confirm your enrollment by paying your $100 enrollment confirmation deposit. Visit for more information.