Student employees

As of January 1, 2019, minimum wage for CA has increased to $12.00 per hour. Any student employee below this amount will automatically be raised to the new minimum.

All state-side student hiring must be processed through University Personnel.

  • All required department documents must be received by University Personnel (not Payroll) at least five (5) business days prior to the start date for the student employee. Positions that require a background check will require additional time for processing.
  • A department may scan and email a signed Student Employment Packet to start the process, but the originals must still be sent via campus mail to University Personnel.
  • Student employees must go to University Personnel (not the Campus Service Center) to complete all new hire paperwork.
  • Student employees and departments will receive an email from UP once employment and academic eligibility have been verified. Students may not work prior to receiving the email.

Student Employee Hiring

All new student employees will complete the following forms with University Personnel:

  • Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
  • Student Payroll Action Request (Form STD-457)
  • CSU Statement of Concern regarding a job not covered by social security (Form SSA-1945)
  • Student Employee Agreement (if not completed with department)
  • Direct deposit enrollment (optional, but highly recommended)

University Personnel will provide the following documents to new student employees:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) Privacy Notice
  • United Auto Workers local 4123 election form (Unit 11 employees only)

For information regarding the Work Study Program, please go to the Financial Aid website.

International Students

If you are an international student, you will need to work with the International Programs Office before accepting employment. Please visit the International Programs website for guidance on how to proceed with employment.

Student Timesheets

For printable job aids, please see Related documents & forms on the right.

For payroll deadlines, please visit the CSUMB Payroll website.

Enter hours worked

  1. In CMS, navigate to: MB Employee Self Service > Timesheet
  2. Enter the hours worked for each day you worked ( do not include unpaid meal periods)
  3. Enter your hours in 12-hour format with "a" for a.m. and "p" for p.m. (i.e. for 1:00 pm, type 1:00p), or in 24-hour format (i.e. for 1:00 pm. type 1300)
  4. If you did not take a break, use only the In and Out
  5. Click the Submit button to submit your time so your department Timekeeper can approve it
  6. All Time must be approved by the Timekeeper within three (3) business days after the last day of the pay period