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You can find information about transfer articulations and major preparation at all California community colleges on It is strongly recommended that students review this information with a counselor at their home institution., the official repository of all articulation information for public California colleges and universities, is in the process of being revised. The new version, called "Assist Next Gen" is scheduled to be available May 2019. At this time, the public site at contains the following information for academic year 2017-18: Community college transferable courses, GE and IGETC designations for those courses, and courses that will meet American Ideals requirements. Information about new courses or new articulations between colleges and universities for 2017-18 is NOT available. Articulation information will not be available to the public until the Next Gen rollout this summer.

CSUMB articulation procedures

The following procedures have been put into practice at CSU Monterey Bay for the acceptance of course work and development of articulation agreements with institutions that transfer students to the university.

  • CSU Monterey Bay accepts for elective credit from regionally accredited sending institutions all course work that has been designated as baccalaureate level, in accordance with CSU Executive Order # 167, Transfer of Credit.
  • CSU Monterey Bay accepts all course work articulated to meet lower division CSU General Education requirements (CSU GE Breadth) by the CSU Chancellor's Office from California State Universities and California Community Colleges, in accordance with CSU Executive Order #1033, Graduation Requirements for General Education-Breadth Requirements.
  • CSU Monterey Bay accepts all course work articulated by the by the CSU and UC system wide offices for IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) from California Community Colleges, in accordance with guidelines established for IGETC.
  • CSU Monterey Bay faculty review articulation requests from all regionally accredited California Institutions for the purpose of articulating CSU Monterey Bay's lower division curriculum with course work from said institutions for lower division major preparation. Course to course articulation requests for any of our lower division course work will be considered. CSUMB currently uses a broad understanding of equivalent for course to course articulation to encourage approved requests
  • CSU Monterey Bay's majors follow a Major Preparation Format that is created by the Chair and faculty of each program, which identifies the criteria for each area they indicate should be fulfilled prior to transfer.
  • Articulation requests, proposals, issues and concerns are coordinated by the Articulation Office at CSUMB and facilitated by the Articulation Officer, who works closely with Articulation Officers and other articulation personnel at the campuses with whom we have agreements.
  • Formal, faculty-approved articulation agreements and Major Prep Formats are published on ASSIST, the statewide database repository of official articulation agreements. These agreements between CSUMB and California Community Colleges and other CSUs are established for only lower division courses at CSUMB that are in support of, in preparation for, or required for a major. The Articulation agreements do not assure the use of the course for General Education, The American Ideals requirement, CSUMB graduation requirements, or electives.

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