President Ochoa's statement on the George Floyd murder case

April 20, 2021

The following statement was sent to all students, faculty, and staff by Eduardo M. Ochoa, President.

I am reaching out to you on the day that the jury in the George Floyd murder case rendered its verdict of guilty on all counts. This outcome may provide some measure of comfort to Mr. Floyd’s family and raises some hope that our country may be able to make progress toward racial justice and equity after so much pain and anguish in our African-American community.

Our university is part of the CSU system and is united in providing a path of opportunity and progress in social equity to all its students. At times like these, the words of our Chancellor resonate deeply with the entire CSU community, of which we are part. I encourage you to read Chancellor Castro’s message.

Together with all of our sibling campuses, all of us at CSUMB remain committed to providing an inclusive, respectful environment in which every fellow human is valued and whose contributions are welcome. We continue our commitment to actively embrace anti-racist policies and practices as we prepare thriving citizens dedicated to the public good.