CSUMB Geo-Bridge students present research

November 17, 2023

California State University students with the Geo-Bridge program presented their research on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at the Alumni and Visitors Center. Topics included the prediction of kelp forest density, determining the relationship between algae and coral in coral bleaching, and the resilience of algae at various points on the local coastline. 

Marine science professor Sherry Palacios emceed the event. She said this was the first in-person presentation of research for Geo-Bridge students. The 22-week program, which runs over the summer and into the fall, began its three-year life during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Students in the program are post-baccalaureate and within two years of having graduated. 

“We recruit students who, for whatever reason, didn’t get the full research experience,” Palacios said. By going through the program, “they can be competitive if they apply for graduate school” or if they go on to work in industry. Some of the students use their Geo-Bridge work as the basis for their master’s program thesis. 

While in the Geo-Bridge program, all students are paired with a mentor who can help them understand the process of becoming and conducting work as a geoscientist. Students also receive financial support.