The Procurement staff is responsible for all procurement of commodities and services on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: academic and administration and it also includes computers, copiers, faxes, printing needs, office furniture and office supplies.

International Vendors

Considering doing business with someone from another country?

Stop Sign

You must first contact Art Evjen, Director of Business & Support Services for important regulations that MUST be satisfied PRIOR to making a commitment for goods and/or services from another country.

There are several critical criteria that must be researched and considered, including visa status, treaties, and withholding regulations. Information will be requested from the foreign entity to render a determination as to whether we can proceed and the optimal process under which to proceed.

Art Evjen can be reached at x3394 or at

Policies & Procedures

General Provisions - University

Procurement Handbooks

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Purchase orders

Purchase Orders are required:

To protect the CSU and ensure risk is mitigated through indemnification and proper insurance endorsements.

To ensure we receive the best price for products and services.

To ensure we are utilizing CSU and State Master Contracts.To encumber funds.

If a PO is required and a Direct Payment Request is submitted a 'PO Exception Notice' must be attached to the Payment Request.

The ‘PO Exception Notice' should state:

Why the PO was not procured.

How the department will prevent this issue in the future.

The notice must have the same authorized signature as that on the payment request and Procurement's approval.

What is a Direct Payment Request?

The Direct Payment Request (DPR) is a vehicle to be used to submit payment directly to a vendor without a purchase order. Payments to vendors may be processed via the Direct Payment process when there is no "added value" to obtaining a purchase order, or if it does not fall under the CSU Policy guidelines for contracting & Procurement as requiring a purchase order.

The Direct Payment process is for expediting payments. A completed ‘Vendor Data Record' for (Std. Form 204) must be on file in Procurement prior to submitting the Direct Payment Request to Accounts Payable.

Each DPR must have an authorizing signature on file with Accounts Payable (Signature Authorization form available on the Accounting website). Any DPR without a proper signature will be returned to the department.

Other Approvals:

Payments to vendors residing outside of California for services performed within California may require pre-approval by the General Accounting Manager, and may be subject to state or federal withholding.

Note: All new vendors require a Vendor Data Record (Std. Form 204), which can be found under Forms in the section below

When dealing with a vendor outside of California (including and especially vendors outside of the USA) all or a portion of the payment may be withheld, as required by law. Secure a 204 form in advance of agreements with non-California residents (including Corporations) and contact Accounting to see if withholding will be required.

Purchase Order Exception Notice If a Purchase Order (PO) is required and a Direct Payment Request is submitted, this PO Exception Notice may be attached to the Payment Request to document the reason for the exception.

Direct pay

Direct Payment Procedures

Direct Payment is an approved method to obtain payment to a vendor for items purchased directly when a purchase order in advance is not required. Payments and reimbursements may be processed through the Direct Payment process when there is no existing requirement and no "added value" to obtaining a purchase order. Some direct pay criteria include purchases that are not subject to bid requirements, do not require the expertise of the procurement staff and do not require special reviews and special processing. Examples of direct payments may include but are not limited to public utilities, room rentals, rebates and reimbursements, books*, subscriptions*, publications*, registration fees, and membership dues. If you are not sure whether an item requires a purchase order, please contact the Purchasing Department.

*Preferred paid with ProCard.

Who is Authorized to Approve Direct Payment Requests?

Those who are authorized to approve & sign direct payment requests are departmental employees who have been delegated in writing by their department administrator to sign on specific accounts. If you are requesting payment or reimbursement for yourself; you can not approve this request. Someone at a higher level in your departmental reporting line will have to approve your request. This list is updated annually, although it may be updated throughout the year, if needed, by a department administrator submitting the information to the Financial Information Systems Department.

Any Payment Request Form submitted without the authorized signature will be returned to the Department from which it originated. It is the authorized person's responsibility to review the request to ensure purchases are appropriate, and that the correct account code has been charged within the program guidelines.

Direct Pay Options:

The following are guidelines for various options that would be appropriate to process through the Direct Payment process, as well as the documents and explanations that are needed to accompany the Payment Request Form. Any other options, not listed, must be approved, prior to submission, by the General Accounting Manager. Any exceptions to this threshold must be approved by the General Accounting Manager except for the following vendors:

American Express

American Council of Education

APS Energy Services

Associated Students

California Community Colleges

CSU Monterey Bay


CSUMB Foundation


RS Tax Payments


Marina Coast Water District

Monterey County Tax Collections

Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control

Office Depot

Office Max

Trustees of the Cal State University

U.S. Postmaster

WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges)


*ProCard or Direct Pay may be used to purchase books, magazines, publications, various testing materials, recorded audio and visual tapes, prerecorded CDs and diskettes. The original completed order form and one photo copy must be attached if paying in advance for purchases. Please note that services for photocopying are not allowed on the Payment Request Form.

Gasoline charges

Only for payment of University gasoline charge cards such as the Voyager Card.

NOTE: Most departments pay the Voyager Card on a blanket PO.

Guest Lecturers/Honorarium

Invoices must include the date(s) and all details of the lecture or service. If reimbursing for expenses, all receipts must be attached. Invoices require departmental approval signature. Contract and tax forms are required if the individual is out-of-state/foreign.


ProCard or Direct Pay may be used. Two completed copies of the invoice or order form need to accompany the form. Memberships must be in the name of the University and the title of the individual.

US Postmaster

University postage meters and USPS bulk mail accounts only.

Utility Charges

Usage charges only, not for the purchase of equipment.

Water (Arrowhead)

Game Officials

To be used by Athletics for payments to game officials only. A request for payment in arrears must include an invoice.

Student Grants/Stipends

All student grant requests must include an award letter and be approved by Academic Affairs. All student stipends must have an explanation of the stipend attached to each Payment Request Form. The original Payment Request Form and a copy must be submitted.

Event Fees

To be used for paying for awards, banquet tables for political parties, and fees for promotional events that benefit CSUMB.

Rental Facilities

Payment request, along with agreement attached to the request.

Procurement Card Documents

Procurement Card Handbook (Rev. 2010)

Pro Card Reconciliation Guide

Pro Card Application Form

Pro Card Approving Official Change

Pro Card Dispute Form

Pro Card Lost Receipt Form


Vendor forms

Vendor Data Record

International Vendor Data Record (updated 12-16)

International Vendor Preliminary Assessment Form (updated 12-16)

International Vendor Tax Forms (ZIP)

Procurement Card Holder Schedule

508 Compliance

508 Compliance Documents

VPAT Content Guidelines

Appendix B - Vendor Information

Appendix C - VPAT Guide and Template

Misc forms

CSUMB Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Additional Information for Direct Deposit Process & Procedures

CSUMB Catering Approval Form

PO Alteration Request Form

PO Exception Notice

Restricted Expense Approval Form

Request for Insurance Waiver or Modification

Staples Ordering Account Setup

Withholding Exemption Certificate (CA Form 590)