President Quiñones featured in area news media

Vanya, Lookout Santa Cruz

CSUMB President Vanya Quiñones meets with a reporter and photographer from Lookout Santa Cruz. | Photo by Walter Ryce

November 14, 2022

Two area news outlets, Lookout Santa Cruz and the Monterey Herald, recently published feature stories about CSUMB's new president, Vanya Quiñones.

The stories included her plans to increase enrollment, expand academic programs and make an impact on students’ lives, as well as her thoughts about the community.

“In order to expand enrollment, we need to think about housing, we need to think about programs and we need to think about differentiation from other universities,” Quiñones said in the Lookout story. “What we’re planning to do ahead is to create these unique programs that are a combination of us with the business community or things that are needed in the area that will provide jobs."

Quiñones told the Herald: “I expected that people would be welcoming but I’m really surprised by how rapidly I feel like I’m part of the community and that this is part of my family,” she said.

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