CSUMB seeks input on Second Avenue Development

2nd Ave Development

November 30, 2022

CSUMB Campus Planning and Development and developer teams presented initial concepts in September for the Second Avenue Development project and continue to seek feedback from the public.

The project is intended to further the academic mission of CSUMB and provide needed housing and services to our campus and the community. The presentation and a public comment form have been available online since the Sept. 29 event.

The proposal calls for multifamily rental housing with campus-serving amenities such as open space, innovation space, trail connections, community hubs, retail space, and a student-focused “campus corner.”

As currently proposed, 10% of the units — 120-170 units, depending on the ultimate concept — would be prioritized for the campus community and offered at approximately 20% below the market rate. The campus-designated units would increase the on-campus multifamily housing count from approximately 1,200 units currently in East Campus to between 1,320-1,370 units. 

Adding units would allow CSUMB to offer housing to approximately 75% of the future staff and faculty population, 10% more than what is proposed in the Campus Master Plan. Another 10% of housing is intended to support an active senior community. Active seniors are envisioned to become a part of and support the campus by taking courses and enjoying existing amenities such as theater, conferences, speakers, and Otter Athletics and Monterey Bay Football Club matches.