Dillon Herrick named CSUMB’s recipient of CSU 2021 Trustees' Award

Dillon Herrick

Dillon Herrick | Photo by Jay Adeff

September 17, 2021

By Walter Ryce

The California State University selected 23 of its students, one from each CSU campus, for its 2021 Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement, the system’s highest recognition for students.

CSUMB’s recipient is Dillon Herrick, a senior majoring in business administration with a concentration in accounting. He and the other recipients were recognized in a virtual ceremony at the Board of Trustees virtual meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 14.

Each Trustees’ Award comes with a donor-funded scholarship for students who demonstrate high academic performance, personal accomplishments, community service and financial need. Herrick received the Wells Fargo Veteran Scholar.

Growing up, his mother worked multiple jobs while taking online classes, so he learned early on to be independent and responsible for his own schooling, job and sports activities.

“I was taught that we all must do things in life that are difficult, we dislike, or don't want to do, but we must do them anyway,” he said. “When we do them, we should still give our best effort.”

After high school he joined the Marine Corps, serving in infantry and as a ceremonial marcher, greeting and sending off foreign dignitaries, and participating in parades in Washington, DC, and Arlington, Virginia. He performed in funerals in Arlington National Cemetery and worked his way on the firing party team doing the 21 Gun Salute.

After he finished his enlistment, he volunteered as a coach for the Wisconsin Special Olympics and worked as a caregiver in an Adult Family Home.

“I have such an affinity for [the special needs] community,” he said. “I feel a natural pull and enjoyment when I am involved with the community and want to chase that feeling.”

He supports the quintuple bottom line philosophy of the College of Business: profit, people, planet, ethics, equity.

“While profit has its place, we need to take care of each other and the planet,” he said. “We cannot let greed be our intention. The College of Business is teaching me how to be a positive influence in society through business.”

Herrick worked as a tutor at Hartnell College and was active in its veterans club. He’s currently working as a collections research clerk at Dole Fresh Vegetables. And after graduation he intends to continue coaching and  helping to provide a stable living environment for people with cognitive and physical disabilities.

"As a veteran and scholar, Dillon Herrick inspires us all with his service, his determination and academic achievement, his dedication to the values of his college, and his commitment to community," said Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Katherine Kantardjieff. "He overcame early challenges and went on to serve his country with distinction as a Marine. Dillon's future plans, guided by compassion and social responsibility, will provide Adult Family Homes for people with cognitive and physical disabilities. At CSUMB, we 'care for each Otter', and we are so proud to count Dillon among the CSUMB community."

More than 400 students have been honored with the Trustees' Award since the scholarship program was established in 1984 by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

Visit the CSU Trustees' Award for Outstanding Achievement website for bios on all 23 scholars as well as donor information.​