CSUMB-Hartnell partnership aims to address critical teacher shortage in region

First 23-student cohort of the Hartnell-CSUMB teacher pathway program.

First 23-student cohort of the Hartnell-CSUMB teacher pathway program.

October 10, 2016

A joint venture between Hartnell College and Cal State Monterey Bay aims to tackle the critical teacher shortage in the region with plan to "grow our own."


José Luis Alvarado, dean of the College of Education at CSU Monterey Bay presented iPads to 23 Hartnell College students at the King City Education Center Monday, Oct. 10, 2016. The students, all residents of South Monterey County, represent the first cohort enrolled in the joint Teacher Pathway program aimed at addressing the teacher shortage in South Monterey County.

The Teacher Pathway program, graciously funded by the Claire Giannini Fund, will prepare students to make a significant and lasting impact on the quality of education that is afforded to youth in South Monterey County. Hartnell College and CSUMB have built this plan with an eye towards sustainability; ensuring this project continues to prepare fully qualified elementary and special education teachers well into the future.

“The goal of this joint venture with Hartnell College is to grow our own talent and produce teachers who are from the community and want to teach in or near their home towns in the future,” said Alvarado. “The iPads are to ensure all students have accessibility to technology that is an essential component of this project.”

Students will first earn their Associate Degrees for Transfer (AA-T) in Elementary Teacher Education at Hartnell over the next two years. In fall of 2018, CSUMB will begin to offer coursework in South County for students to complete their BA in Liberal Studies. Once that is completed, a one-year certification will allow the students to be prepared to teach. All the classes will be held at the King City campus of Hartnell College, even when students begin taking CSUMB classes.

“Students should see it as a seamless program. They’re students of this program, and this is a joint partnership committed to supporting the students,” Alvarado explained.

Recruitment efforts are underway for fall 2017 cohort. Paraprofessionals who are working in the schools are also encouraged to reach out for more information. For more information, contact Gabriela Lopez at