CSU Launches New Cal State Apply Application Portal

May 16, 2017

May 16, 2017 – The California State University (CSU) today announced the launch of a new application portal, Cal State Apply, a streamlined user-friendly application for all CSU incoming students.

Beginning June 1, 2017, the current portal, CSU Mentor, will be replaced by Cal State Apply, a streamlined user-friendly application for all CSU incoming freshman, transfer, graduate and international students. The improved process allows students to apply to multiple CSU campuses with just one easy application.

“The new Cal State Apply portal has been designed to improve the experience and simplify the process for the more than 850,000 students who submit online applications to a CSU campus every year,” said Eric Forbes, CSU’s assistant vice chancellor for Student Academic Affairs/Student Academic Support. “Eliminating the need to submit multiple applications, easy uploading of supporting documents and additional payment options are all features that make it more convenient for students.”

In addition to allowing one submission to serve the application needs of multiple CSU campuses, Cal State Apply also:

  • Incorporates the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) application, eliminating the need to file a separate EOP application
  • Automatically calculates the overall GPA for first-time freshman applicants
  • Shares ACT and SAT test scores with all CSU campuses to which an applicant applies

Transfer students will also benefit since Cal State Apply will allow them to enter all of their completed coursework by term. In addition, beginning with fall 2018 applications, transfer applicants will be able to update their application in January with fall grades and include their current spring courses.

Veterans of the U.S. military seeking to apply to a CSU campus will now be able to upload their Report of Transfer of Discharge (DD214) paperwork via Cal State Apply.

Important upcoming application periods are as follows:

  • June 1 - June 30, 2017 for Winter 2018 quarter application
  • August 1 - August 31, 2017 Spring 2018 application
  • October 1 - November 30, 2017 Fall 2018 application

Applicants are encouraged to apply early. Visit Cal State Apply for more information.