CSUMB nursing program expansion more crucial than ever

October 11, 2023

The nursing shortage in the United States is nothing new. But the decades-old problem has gotten more attention lately.

Recently, CNN reported on the fact that even though more nurses are needed, tens of thousands of qualified applications to nursing schools are being turned down. 

The news agency said figures from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, which represents schools with baccalaureate and advanced degree programs, showed nursing schools denied “nearly 66,300 applications for entry-level bachelor’s degree programs. The number of applications turned away from baccalaureate programs has been higher in recent years than it was prior to 2019.”

The nursing association says after more than a decade and a half of increases in nurses pursuing bachelor’s degrees, numbers have declined in the past four years. Part of the problem is a lack of qualified instructors and facilities for training.

Professor and chair of the Nursing Department Alyssa Erikson said the university is doing its part to combat the problem by expanding its nursing program and taking on additional students this spring. 

“A strong, diverse nursing workforce is essential for the health of our community,” Erikson said. “We know that there are well-cited constraints to growing the workforce, like faculty shortages and limited training sites. Collaboration is key to overcoming these hurdles. That is why CSUMB is exploring how we as an educational institution are positioned to collaborate with others and best meet the needs of our community through training more registered nurses.”