CSUMB Alumni Challenge aims to support Otter sports teams

Alumni Challenge

CSUMB athletes will be aiming for financial support during a six-day Alumni Challenge donor drive.

October 10, 2023

Athletes are always going for the gold. But starting Wednesday, Oct. 11, CSU Monterey Bay’s Otters will be going for the green as well. 

Wednesday kicks off a six-day campaign to raise money for athletics programs and student-athletes. Now in its fourth year, challenges in the previous three years have collectively raised more than $45,000.

Each Otter athletic team is encouraged to connect with alumni from its program and solicit contributions. The funds a given team collects are dedicated to that team for athletic scholarships and program needs. The team raising the most money receives a bonus. 

Athletic director Kirby Garry said the important part of the challenge is the outreach to former student-athletes, keeping them connected to their alma mater. 

“We are focused on participation rather than a specific fundraising goal,” Garry said. “We want our Otter alumni to share in the success of our current student-athletes because they built the foundation of our sports programs and paved the way for who we are today.”

The challenge runs through Raft Weekend, ending Monday, Oct. 16. For more information, visit the challenge webpage.