A CSUMB student compares and contrasts kinesiology programs  

October 27, 2023

By Walter Ryce

Matt Ritchey, a fourth-year kinesiology student, said he has been interested in the human body, how it moves and works, and what happens when we exercise. 

He had intended to come to Cal State Monterey Bay to play soccer. But before he committed he emailed Kent Adams, chair of kinesiology, and learned that a lot of their graduates were going on to top grad schools and starting successful businesses. 

“That made me want to go here,” Ritchey said. The smaller class sizes were also appealing. “Every professor I have taken at CSUMB has known me by name, and this is a rare occurrence at many other schools.”

He has real-world examples to draw comparisons to in friends studying kinesiology at other colleges. 

“The first thing I noticed with their curriculums is that it is very general,” Ritchey said. “[One] friend wishes it was like ours because they feel like our curriculum better prepares them for careers after graduation.”

He said that he’s been able to conduct research as part of his learning at CSUMB, but that process is more arduous for his friends. 

“It seems like their professors care a lot more about research instead of teaching,” he added. “When I talk about things we should know as a KIN student, they seem to not remember it or have never been taught it. Some of the things they don't know are fundamentals.” 

Finally, his friends seem unsure of how they can apply their degrees in careers after graduation. 

“The professors [at CSUMB] are willing to work with your schedule, to meet with you, and spend extra time,” Ritchey concludes. “I do not think I would trade my experience for anything else.”