Indoor course and event restrictions eased for groups larger than 100 attendees

A classroom filled with students

February 4, 2022

Beginning Monday, Feb. 7, the university will roll back the restriction on indoor groups larger than 100 attendees. Larger lectures of 100 or more students will return to face-to-face instruction, between Feb. 7 and 11. Faculty will notify students about the plan for their course so that students are aware of the date they should begin meeting in-person and on-campus.

This change only applies to Larger lectures of 100 or more students. All other classes should continue to meet in the approved class modalities as reflected in OASIS.

Students who have questions about class modality should:

  1. Check your email for communications from your instructor
  2. Check the approved modality in OASIS
  3. Consult the course syllabus
  4. Connect with the instructor with other questions