Cal State Apply Application Troubleshooting

Application Troubleshooting

Our office would like to assist you with your application process. This page addresses the common questions posed by applicants, parents, and counselors. Resource guides for Freshmen and Transfer students help with application course entry are available, in addition to FAQ answers to many of the major questions we receive. If you have an application issue, not addressed by this web page, please contact our office at

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Do I need to have my transcripts for the application?

Yes, in order to fully complete your application, you will need your high school or college transcripts on hand. For both Freshmen and Transfer students, you will need to be able to enter your courses and the grades you have received. For step-by-step course entry assistance, please review the Resource Guides above.

How do I know when my application is ready to submit?

After you have answered all required application questions, all the sections will be green, indicating the section is complete.

How can I get a fee waiver?

Not all applicants are eligible for a fee waiver, as eligibility depends on a variety of factors as determined by the CSU. If you are eligible for a fee waiver, the total application fees due will update prior to submitting your application. Per term, if eligible, you may receive 4 fee waivers. Unfortunately, if you are not granted a fee waiver in the application, there are no other fee waivers available.

Does CSUMB accept the College Board fee waiver?

No, CSUMB does not accept any outside fee waivers. Only fee waivers granted on the Cal State application.

What are my payment options?

The application fee is due upon submission. Pay your application fee using a debit card, credit card, or Paypal account.

How do I add a new program or school?

Once you have created an account with Cal State Apply, you are able to select your desired campus and the available programs. You only need to fill out one application for all CSUs through Cal State Apply.

I am receiving a message regarding notification of an AD-T

The Associate for Transfer Degree (AD-T) is an umbrella term for the Associates in Arts -Transfer degree and Associates in Science -Transfer degree. The transfer degree requires a petition to graduate with this specific degree. If you indicated you are earning the AD-T on your application, the system will present you with a validation message. Please know, that if you inaccurately listed that you are earning an AD-T, the system will provide you with the same message. If you receive this message in error, you will need to return to your extended profile to update your information.