Service Learning Institute

Paid Opportunities for Service Learning Students

We understand that most (if not all) students need to work while attending college. Please know that as you fulfill your service learning requirements, there are opportunities for paid work in the context of service learning:

As openings become available, the Service Learning Institute hires Students Assistants to assist with general office work and/or special projects. Look for job postings on OtterJobs, and check our website at the beginning of each term. Students with Work Study Awards are welcome to apply!

Can I do my service learning where I'm currently employed?

The short answer is "YES", as long as your workplace-based service at your place of supports SL course learning outcomes. In order to serve at your place of employment, you must get approval from your service learning instructor and your employer. Generally speaking, students who serve at their workplace create new programs, projects or services that directly support course learning outcomes.

During the Spring term and/or as needed, the SLI also hires students each year to serve as Service Learning Student Leaders (SL2s), who are based at community agencies as well as in service learning classes.

Service Learning Student Leaders
SLI building
Richard Connell, Service Learning Student Leader @ Seaside Middle School
Dalia Nino-Canizal, Service Learning Student Leader, @ MLK Elementary, Seaside.