Extended Education and International Programs

Education Abroad

National Student Exchange (NSE)

CSUMB Education Abroad Spring 2022 In-Person program applications will open August 15, 2021.

National Student Exchange (NSE) provides an opportunity to study at one of nearly 200 universities throughout the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Students may study for up to two semesters and all units transfer back to CSUMB. The program provides a variety of benefits to college students looking to add to their resumé and life experiences.

NSE - Olivia Quadros
NSE - Gustavo Rua
    1. Talk to your CSUMB Education Abroad Coordinator.
    2. Complete a CSUMB Education Abroad application.
    3. After your Education Abroad application has been approved, you will receive a link to complete the NSE application and wait for acceptance notification.
    4. Wait for acceptance notification.
    5. You may or may not be required to complete another application for your host university.
    6. Students who are accepted to Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands programs will have to purchase CSU approved travel insurance.
  • Academic Benefits

    • Take classes not available at your school
    • Study with new professors and experts in your field
    • Broaden your education perspective
    • Pursue research, field study, and internship opportunities
    • Investigate graduate schools

    Personal Benefits

    • Experience personal growth and independence
    • Live in different geographic and cultural settings
    • Gain international and/or intercultural understanding
    • Explore the historical and cultural makeup of the U.S. and Canada

    Professional Benefits

    • Make connections in a new job market
    • Develop practical skills for use in your professional development
    • Increase collaboration experience
    • Prepare yourself to live and work in a culturally diverse society

What is NSE?