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The faculty for the College of Business provide a rewarding and enlightening experience for students. Their classes are team-oriented and include field-based learning to provide real life structure to the Business program.

Faculty Development Events and Activities

Faculty in the news

  • Award-winning Research and Publishing by College of Business Faculty

    Over the past five-year year period, College faculty have been published consistently in the top journals in their disciplines and have won research awards and professional recognition in their areas of expertise. This applied research has a broad impact on student success as COB faculty use their research in classroom teaching and involve students in research projects and activities.

  • CSUMB-SAS Event

    On May 10th, SAS Global Academic Program and the College of Business organized faculty workshops aimed at discovering various opportunities in data analytics techniques. SAS has been incorporated into the B.S. Business Administration program curriculum, with an option to earn a SAS Business Analytics Joint Certificate, to impart critical skills needed for our students to succeed in a contemporary job market.

  • College of Business Faculty Focus on Student Success

    Friday, March 9 - College of Business held its second Student Learning Initiative Workshop focused on Rigor and Student Success in the Classroom.

  • Dean Kamath Joins Hope Collaborative Board

    Dean Kamath was invited to join the board of the Hope Collaborative in Bedford, MA a non-profit that focuses on leadership development for disadvantaged children and youth.

  • 16th Annual Ethics and Responsible Business Forum

    This year's topic is "The Ethics of Fake News: Who Controls The Future of Democracy?"

  • Agribusiness Club holds inaugural event

    Juana Gomez, Human Resources Director at Monterey Mushrooms, speaks to COB Agribusiness students.

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