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Institutional Learning Outcomes


ILO 1: Intellectual skills

CSUMB graduates demonstrate competence in critical thinking, written and oral communication, information literacy, and quantitative reasoning.

ILO 2: Personal, professional, and social responsibility

CSUMB graduates demonstrate ethical reasoning, global awareness, and civic and intercultural engagement in ways that promote sustainability, and social justice and equity across diverse communities.

ILO 3: Integrative knowledge

CSUMB graduates synthesize and connect knowledge, skills and experiences across disciplines, allowing them to address new and complex situations.

ILO 4: Specialized knowledge

CSUMB graduates apply knowledge, theories, methods, and practices in a chosen field of study to address real-world challenges and opportunities.

Guidelines for review

The Institutional Learning Outcomes will be reviewed by the Academic Senate three years from their effective date (Spring 2018), by which time the Assessment Committee will consider the implications of the ILOs for

  • graduate programs,
  • co-curricular environments,
  • general education (with the General Education Committee), and
  • integrated co-curricular and academic activities, e.g., health and wellness.

Adopted by the Academic Senate on December 8, 2014

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

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