MySLP (My Service Learning Placement)

My SLP is the SLI's community partner database now available on the Internet for faculty, students and community partners!

Please note: Not all organizations have provided information for every field listed on their Organization Profiles. Oftentimes site supervisor contacts are outdated, as we are constantly updating information as it is received from community partner organizations.

Instructions On How to Register Your Placement

Start by logging in to your dashboard with your Otter I.D. on the main CSUMB website.

MySLP Instructions -  3

Then go to MySLP.

Click Login.

MySLP Instructions - 1

Choose CSU Monterey Bay and click login.

MySLP Instructions - 2

Click Start next to the course you are making a placement for.

MySLP Instructions - 4

Find your placement site by clicking Search by Site.

MySLP Instructions - 5

Click the Select button next to your placement site.

MySLP Instructions - 6

Enter the estimated number of hours you will serve at this site and click Next.

MySLP Instructions - 7

Click Complete Form Online next to Sign Up Forms - Release of Liability.

MySLP Instructions - 8

Complete the Release of Liability by signing and verifying your age. Click Submit.

MySLP Instructions - 9

Download and fill in Learning Agreement, Activity and Time Log and any other forms under the download forms area.

MySLP Instructions - 10

Click Finish Placement.

MySLP Instructions - 11

If you want to download the instructions in PDF form, click the link below.

MySLP Instructions

Search Tips

  • To list ALL organizations in the database: Click on the advanced search link in the top right hand corner of the page and then click on the view all partners link.
  • To find a specific organization: Type the organization name in the box titled Search for a Partner .
  • To search by City: Click on the advanced search link, and click the arrow to scroll through the alphabetized list of cities.
  • To search by Contact Name: Click on the advanced search link, and type the person's name in the box titled Site Supervisor Name First Name .
  • Wheelchair Accessibility: When reading the community partner description look for the icon.
  • To search by Organization Type: Click in the applicable boxes. Remember to keep your search narrow. The more boxes you check the fewer number of organizations will be listed in your report.
  • To search by Population Served: Click on the links (example: Disabled, Families)
  • To search by Issues Addressed: Click on the links (example: Arts, Literacy, Environment)
  • To search by Languages Needed: Click on the advanced search link, then scroll through list of Languages (example: Spanish, Japanese)

Questions? Please contact the SLI Information Specialist at (831) 582-3644, or email the Service Learning Institute at