Advising via Google Hangouts

If you have a gmail account (or a email), and cannot physically make it to our office for advising, we offer video advising using google hangouts. The setup is simple, we can walk you through it right here. It's just like meeting with your advisor in person!

You will need

  1. a CSUMB email address or any gmail account
  2. the Chrome browser or IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers with the hangouts plugin installed
  3. a webcam or camera phone

How it works

Make an advising appointment, and select the appointment type as "google hangout" If you are not a current student, call our office at 831 582-3937 to schedule an appointment.

A picture of the appointment reservation screen in Insight, with the "google ha

At the time of your appointment, log into your CSUMB email or any gmail account.

A picture of the CSUMB dashboard

In your email, click on the "search" icon in your contacts. Type in the email address of your advisor. (this can be found in your confirmation emails)

A picture of a gmail home screen

Note: sometimes contacts shows on the left side of your screen.

a picture showing the user searching for their advisor from their contacts in g

If you've never chatted with your advisor before, you will be prompted to send them an invite first. Once they accept it, click the video icon to get started on your call.

A zoomed in view of the google chat toolbar with the  of the camera

Start your appointment, you're done!

a picture of a video call beginning.

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