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Integrated Studies BA

This Integrated Studies, BA program is suspended and is not accepting new students, effective May 26, 2017.

The Integrated Studies Major offers highly motivated, self-directed students the opportunity to develop an individualized, interdisciplinary course of study. Unlike other undergraduate programs, ISSM students must convincingly demonstrate that the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need for their academic and career goals can only be achieved by combining learning outcomes, courses, and other learning experiences offered by two or more CSUMB academic units. ISSM students must also demonstrate their preparation, skills, and abilities to successfully undertake creative, self-directed, interdisciplinary study. ISSM students will work with the ISSM Coordinator and at least two other faculty disciplinary advisors to create a major proposal that synthesizes multiple fields. Once a field of study has been confirmed, students carry out a learning plan that adapts their education to their unique academic and future career goals.

If interested in this major, students should first consult with the ISSM Coordinator to discuss their preparation as well as their academic, career, and learning objectives. If it is agreed that CSUMB has the academic resources needed, the Coordinator will approve the student's enrollment in the ISSM Major ProSeminar. Entry to the Proseminar is by Permission Code.