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Environmental Studies Minor

The Environmental Studies minor encourages non-majors to pursue their interests in the environment, environmental education and sustainability. It formally recognizes that this program has an obligation to provide high quality educational opportunities to all CSUMB students who want a deeper understanding of sustainability in order to make informed contributions to their community on environmental issues.

The Environmental Studies minor provides you with an opportunity to explore your particular interests in the social dimensions of environmental issues and environmental problem solving.

Required Courses

Please note: Twelve of the units taken to complete a minor (6 of which are upper division) may not be used in fulfillment of other minors, concentrations, or major requirements.

Complete a total of 12 units for the ENSTU Minor, with at least one course from each grouping:

Complete one or more of the following courses:

Complete one or more of the following courses:

Learning Outcomes

Minor LO 1:

Students critically analyze the relationships between the environment and social, economic, and/or political activities.

Minor LO 2:

Students evaluate equity and effectiveness of strategies to promote social and environmental justice and sustainability.