Facility Rental Rates & Guidelines

All requests for World Theater facility usage must be submitted using the Online Facility Request Form below. Facility Request Forms must be submitted a minimum of 60 days before date of event.

Facility Request Form

Your request will be reviewed and you will be contacted to discuss the details of your request within 5 business days. If you have questions regarding the form, please contact Allison Le (831) 582-4684 or email ale@csumb.edu.

Types of Events

The World Theater is available to rent to area individuals and groups for all types of events. The fee schedule is divided into four categories (definitions are below):

  • For-profit/commercial: Applies to any theater use by a for-profit institution, agency, commercial promoter, business, or other private enterprise.
  • Non-profit/noncommercial: Organizations that are recognized by the federal government as non-profit organizations with tax-exempt status. Proof of non-profit status required.
  • Campus co-sponsorship: Partnerships/collaborations with on-campus and off-campus groups. Campus Departments/Student Engagement and Leadership Development representative(s) must clearly demonstrate academic benefit to CSUMB and/or benefit of partnership to University mission, vision and value statements. Additionally, Campus Departments/Student Engagement and Leadership Development representative(s) must submit the Facility Request form with an account string, if fees are assessed, and be an active participant in the event (e.g. attending event production meetings).
  • Campus sponsorship: Events solely produced and sponsored by recognized CSUMB units.


Service/Description For-Profit Non-Profit Campus Co-Sponsorship Campus Sponsorship
Performance Base Rental: performance or main event (includes 1 World Theater staff personnel and equipment) $1,900 $1,400 $685 $0
Rehearsal Base Rental: rehearsal and prep ( includes 1 World Theater staff personnel and equipment ) $1,450 $950 $350 $0
Additional University Backstage Crew (rate per person/per hour, 4 hour minimum, approx. $10-20/hr) actual actual actual actual
Front-of-House Personnel rate per person/per hour, 4 hour minimum, approx. $10-$25/hr) actual actual actual actual
Taping Services (audio, video, etc) actual actual actual actual
Broadcasts (web, internet, distance learning, etc) actual actual actual actual
Piano Rental (Steinway D; rate per day) $300 $200 $100 $0
Piano Tuning (rate per tuning) $150 $150 $150 $150
Dance Floor (Rosco, black, rate per day, no rosin) $300 $200 $100 $100
Box Office Surcharges (Per ticket surcharge covers ticket stock) $1 $1 $1 $1
ADA Sign Interpreter actual actual actual actual
Parking Lot (based on University Parking Services charge) actual actual actual actual
Parking Attendants (based on University Parking Services charge ) actual actual actual actual
Security/University Police (based University Police Department charge) actual actual actual actual
Administrative Fee 8% of total rental 8% of total rental 8% of total rental 8% of total rental

*Denotes events in which an admission fee is charged.

All rates subject to change anytime without notice.

Event Request Timeline

Adequate planning is critical to the success of any event at the World Theater! Below is a sample timeline. This should be used as a guide in planning your event. Requests for use of the World Theater less than thirty (30) days prior to requested event date may not be honored, due to the amount of time needed in event planning and preparation by World Theater staff.

Three to six months prior to event:

Contact World Theater regarding theater availability.

Submit World Theater Facility Request Form.

Submit event technical needs to World Theater.

Submit marketing and press materials to World Theater for review.

Two months prior to event:

Schedule and participate in a production meeting* with World Theater staff - the purpose of the production meeting is to review all aspects of event (stage, lobby and box office support) and services needed from World Theater.

*It is the responsibility of the User to schedule production meetings with World Theater staff.

One to two months prior to event:

Schedule additional production meeting, if necessary.

Submit request to videotape event.

Submit request for catering services.

Two weeks prior to event:

Submit any changes regarding event logistics to World Theater (stage requirements, lobby requirements)

Check ticket sales with box office manager.

Submit Box Office Complimentary Ticket Form to box office manager.

One week prior to event:

Check ticket sales with box office manager.

Day of event:

User contact is on site during rehearsals and presentation.

Basic provisions

1. USE/SUBLET: User may not utilize the space(s) for any purpose other than that which is specified in the World Theater Facilities Request and Confirmation Forms. User may not rent or in any way assign the World Theater to any other person or User.

2. SEATING: 446 Total Fixed Seats. 6 Wheel Chair access spaces (3 house left, 3 house right).

A. CAPACITY: Due to state laws and fire code regulations, persons will not be permitted inside the World Theater in excess of the established house capacity. The seating capacity for the World Theater audience chamber is 457. Every person entering the theater will be counted and allocated a seat, including small children and infants.

B. SEATING ON STAGE: No seats for audience members will be permitted on-stage during performing arts events at any time. Any exceptions must have the World Theater Director's consent prior to the performance and must comply with all applicable fire and building codes.


A. COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: The World Theater is a state facility, supported with state taxpayer funds. As such, no activities in violation of Federal, State, or Local laws, ordinances, rules or regulations, or in the opinion of the campus Environmental, Protection Health and Safety Director shall be permitted in the theater.

B. NON-DISCRIMINATION: User agrees that it shall not discriminate against any person because of sex, race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, disability, age, marital status, or sexual orientation.

C. ACCESSIBILITY FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES: For specific information on available services or to discuss special accommodation requirements, contact the World Theater Director. The World Theater is equipped with Assisted Listening Devices, TTY/TDD phone service, and wheelchair accessible parking and seating.

Sign language interpreters are coordinated through either the CSUMB Office for Student Disability resources or the office for Equal Employment Opportunity/ADA Compliance depending on the production/event. There are additional fees for sign interpreters and sixty (60) days advance notice may be needed to coordinate interpreters.

To facilitate sufficient time to arrange disability accommodations, the World Theater request Users to include in all advertising the following:

"[Your organization/department/course] wishes to make this program accessible to people with disabilities. If you have disability-related needs, please contact [person] at [phone number and e-mail address] by [insert day of week and date of at least 10 business days prior to the event]."


"To request sign language interpreters or disability accommodations please contact [insert reliable customer service phone number with area code, and email address] by [insert day of week and date of at least 10 business days prior to the event]."

Some examples of potential disability accommodations include: conversion of printed programs, speeches and other materials to alternate formats such as large print, electronic, Braille, or audiotape; arrangements for Point to Point Paratransit (or some one to push a wheelchair); and arrangement for descriptive interpreting for blind persons. For additional information about disability accommodations, please contact Student Disability Resources at 831-582-3672/phone, 831-582-4024/TTY/fax or email: student_disability_resources@csumb.edu.

4. CONTRACTS AND AGREEMENTS: User agrees to furnish World Theater a copy of all contracts and technical riders between User and the artist that is performing. The World Theater needs to review contracts and artist technical needs and specifications to assess staff capacity to support User's event, and to check theater inventory. All contracts, technical riders, and agreements should be forwarded to the World Theater BEFORE any documents are signed and finalized, preferably no later than ninety (90) days prior to event. Portions about financial arrangements may be deleted.

User agrees, with regard to all copyrighted material necessary for presentation, that User has written authorization from the copyright owners to use and/or perform such material. User agrees to furnish World Theater copies of all licensing/copyright/permission agreements for non-music events and performances no later than ninety (90) days prior to event. This includes dramatic theater performances, musical theater, film screenings (35mm, 16mm, DVD and video format) and events using copyrighted material (slides, photographs, etc). Agreements should clearly indicate event date, event location and specific use of material.

5. CANCELLATION: In case of cancellation by the User, it shall be the responsibility of the User to make reasonable public announcements, at User's expense, concerning the cancellation, as soon as possible following the cancellation.

6. PUBLIC SAFETY: In the interest of public safety, the User shall neither encumber nor obstruct the sidewalk in front of the World Theater, the entrance to the World Theater, audience corridors, main audience chamber, stage doors and any related World Theater premises. These areas need to be clear in the event of an evacuation.

User further agrees not to bring onto the premises any material, substances, equipment, or object which is likely to endanger the life of, or cause bodily injury to, any person on the premises, or which is likely to constitute a hazard to CSUMB staff and/or property. World Theater staff is available to check equipment for safety.

Stage areas in use pose unique dangers to anyone not familiar with the technical aspects of the production. For this reason, patrons or other non-stage personnel are not allowed on stage or in the wings at any time.

7. EVACUATION POLICY: Should it become necessary in the judgment of World Theater staff to evacuate the premises because of a fire alarm, bomb threat or for other reasons of public safety, the User will comply with the instructions of World Theater staff and evacuate the building immediately.

If at the discretion of the World Theater Director, it is not possible to complete presentation of the activity that same day, World Theater and User will determine another date to host event.

8. DAMAGE/CLEANUP RESPONSIBILITY: User shall be responsible for any and all damages to the World Theater premises caused by User's staff, student assistants, patrons, guests and artists whether accidental or otherwise. User agrees to leave the World Theater premises in the same condition as existed on the date User took possession, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Any additional charges incurred because of an unusual amount of post-event cleanup will be borne by the User.

9. OTHER: Any request for exceptions to World Theater guidelines should be addressed to the World Theater Director or designee no later than thirty days prior to the event. World Theater Director is bound by all state, federal, and local regulations.


1. STAFFING: World Theater staff shall secure staffing requirements needed to support User event. World Theater will determine the appropriate number of personnel necessary to support User event and to properly service and protect the public. Such performance personnel will normally involve persons employed by the World Theater, however, World Theater staff may need to call in outside professional consultants/technicians to help meet event requirements. All expenses for outside contractors will be borne by User and will be discussed in advance. Due to safety and risk issues, no volunteer personnel can be used in the backstage area.

As part of its service to the campus community, the World Theater provides as needed the following technical support staff for events:

  • Technical director
  • Equipment operators (light, sound)
  • Deckhands
  • Stage manager

The World Theater currently does not provide the following technical support staff/activities/service/equipment:

  • Production design services (designing of sets, lights, sound, costumes, video, etc)
  • Sets
  • Costumes
  • Props
  • Musical instruments
  • Event hospitality (food, drink, backstage catering services, etc)
  • Marketing and publicity (press release announcements, print collateral design and/or distribution, mailings, etc)

Broadcast and documentation services require support from the World Theater, as well as other departments on campus. Should user require use of World Theater for broadcasting an event, no less than four (4) full months of advance notification and planning is needed. Depending on complexity of event, charges may apply.

2. BACKSTAGE/TECHNICAL SCHEDULES: All scheduling of technical support crews and event technical details will be coordinated with User and World Theater technical director. The following rules will apply regarding backstage schedules:

A. All load-in, rehearsal, tech and performance days in the World Theater cannot exceed eight (8) work hours per day, without prior approval. Any days that exceed eight (8) work hours, resulting in any overtime expense for World Theater professional staff, will be the responsibility of event sponsor.

B. Due to restrictions with student assistant employees, all work periods cannot exceed six (6) hours per period without a meal break for the stage crew.

C. All meal breaks shall be a minimum of 60-minutes. Any excpetion to this rule must be discussed and agreed upon by the World Theater Director and the event sponsor.

D. Work periods will fall between the hours of 8:00am - 12 midnight. The World Theater Director must discuss any events that require support outside these periods, in advance. This includes World Theater crew calls prior to event start time and post-event clean up.

E. Due to the complexity of World Theater stage equipment, all technical/stage crew personnel must be trained on equipment stored at the World Theater and meet the necessary skill sets of equipment operation. Due to safety reasons, volunteers and non-trained personnel will not be allowed to use equipment stored at the World Theater.

F. Due to safety and security concerns, users will not be permitted in the theater without a World Theater professional staff person present at all times. During backstage crew and staff meal breaks, users may not have access to backstage and lobby areas.

3. RECORDINGS AND BROADCAST: User agrees that no recordings (visual and audio) and broadcasts of any kind will be made without prior notification to the World Theater Director. THIS INCLUDES THE TAKING OF FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. Requests to record and/or broadcast events at the World Theater made less than one week prior to event may not be honored.


  • Safety concerns: Flash photography poses a serious hazard to performers on stage. If a photographer is "roving" throughout the audience chamber/seating area and/or on and off stage, there is the potential risk of injury (especially when the theater is dark).
  • Contractual obligations: Some performers and/or contractual obligations will not allow recording, broadcast and/or documentation of any kind without written permission and agreement in advance of the event.
  • Audience disruption: Flash photography during a performance is a disruption for some audience members. Also, placement of videographers and video equipment, "roving" photographers and videographers in a limited space like the World Theater could be disruptive to audience members as well.

What is helpful for World Theater staff:

  • Proper and ample notification (no less than a week), that there is the possibility of press or others attending public events. The User will be responsible for communicating World Theater house and safety rules to press and media. User must be available on site to meet, greet and manage press, videographers, etc.
  • Proper and ample notification (no less than FOUR MONTHS) that the public event will be recorded, documented or broadcast. The World Theater will request documentation between the sponsoring campus department and artist/performer/lecturer indicating permission to record, document or broadcast the event.

We need to review the agreement so we have a clear understanding of requirements and limitations and so we can best service the event.

4. TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Technical information from the User to the World Theater must be communicated at least sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled event. This provides World Theater staff with ample time to review User technical needs, coordinate staff and communicate any problems or concerns.

5. TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY USER: Any equipment brought in by the User for use in the World Theater may be inspected by World Theater staff for compliance with fire and safety codes and regulations. Any equipment not in compliance or safe cannot be used in the theater.

6. FIRE, FIREARMS AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: All sets, costumes, props, flashpots, laser lighting equipment, smoke, strobes, and any other effects involving fluids and gases must conform to all applicable fire and safety codes. Smoking, flammable decorations, open flames and explosive or inflammable fluids, gases and compounds are prohibited in the theater.

7. DELIVERY OF GOODS: Sets, costumes and other materials belonging to the User delivered prior to scheduled reserved time in theater cannot be accepted by the World Theater staff. The World Theater has limited storage space and we make no guarantee that space will be available to receive materials arriving early.

8. PAYMENT FOR DELIVERY OF GOODS: The World Theater will not accept any goods shipped to the World Theater for the User, or for any person claiming to be acting for the User if any sum is to be paid to the carrier upon its delivery.

9. REMOVAL: All scenery, equipment and other property brought into the World Theater will need to be removed immediately following the final event. Due to limited storage space, storage arrangements are not available. The World Theater will not be responsible for any scenery, equipment, or other property left after the final performance and will dispose of such materials immediately.

10. SECURITY OF VALUABLES: Unfortunately, lock boxes are not available at the World Theater. It is strongly suggested that anything valuable not be brought into the backstage area. The World Theater will not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


1. USER REPRESENTATIVE: The contact person indicated on the World Theater Facility Confirmation Form should be the sole person authorized to make decisions with the staff of the World Theater. This representative, who must be present at each event, will then be the sole person authorized to resolve problems and conflicts, or to negotiate any changes to the event/performance with the staff of the World Theater.

2. WORLD THEATER REPRESENTATIVE: The World Theater will furnish at least one representative to supervise overall front-of-house operations. The World Theater representative shall consult with the User representative regarding any situation that may affect the opening of the auditorium or the start of performance.

The authority of the World Theater representative, in consultation with the user, is absolute with regard to times of opening the lobby, house, start time of program, length of intermission, safety of staff and audience, and protection of the facility.

3. USHERS: The World Theater reserves the right to engage and supervise the services of all ushers (number, appearance, training, etc.)

4. TIME: House will open to audience one-half hour prior to scheduled performance time. The program will begin at the time printed on the tickets and/or World Theater Facility Confirmation Form. Special seating needs will be accommodated five minutes before house opening. Latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the World Theater.

If the program is two hours or longer, there shall be an intermission at least fifteen (15) minutes in length, to accommodate patrons. Specific arrangements to the contrary may be discussed in advance with the World Theater Director.

5. SECURITY AND PUBLIC SAFETY: Any security arrangements deemed advisable by the World Theater will be made by the World Theater and will be billed to the user as a reimbursable expense as necessary. User will be notified in advance of intent to do so. This includes security inside theater and in all parking areas.

6. ROOM USE: Due to security and safety issues, the user, user's staff, student assistants, patrons, guests and artists will not be allowed to enter and/or use the areas in the World Theater comprising the administrative offices, the mechanical rooms and the box office.

7. STAFF RIGHT TO ENTRY: User will afford World Theater staff/personnel the right to enter any part of the World Theater at any time, as long as entry is not disruptive to User's event.

8. FUTURE EVENTS: The World Theater may distribute to the audience announcements and literature concerning future CSU Monterey Bay activities and/or other cultural events to be held in the World Theater whether such attractions are under the auspices of the user or not. Any request to post and to display marketing collateral at the World Theater must be submitted to the World Theater director. All campus based marketing materials should include disability accommodation information.

9. OPEN REHEARSALS: Any rehearsal at which more than twenty-five (25) non-production personnel are in attendance will be considered a performance and will require the services of the Event Services Coordinator and/or ushers.

10. SMOKING/WASTE: Smoking will be allowed OUTSIDE only, at least 25 feet away from doorways and NEVER IN THE MAIN AUDIENCE CHAMBER or PUBLIC ACCESS AREAS. Smoking on stage is permitted only when specified as required in the script and must be approved in advance by the World Theater staff.

Events requiring additional cleaning and custodial services will be at the expense of the User.

11. CATERING: CSU Monterey Bay catering services and the World Theater have the right of first refusal to operate all concessions and catering services within the World Theater for all events. The World Theater works with the Office of Business and Support Services to approve any exceptions to this rule. Any exceptions need to be communicated to the World Theater no later than thirty (30) days in advance.

The User agrees that if food and beverages are required on premises for cast and/or crew, the only areas where such food and beverage may be served is in the backstage Greenroom or dressing rooms. Waste must be disposed of properly and promptly. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD THEATER AT ANY TIME.

Events requiring additional cleaning and custodial services will be at the expense of the User.

12. ANIMALS: User will not bring, keep or allow any animals in the World Theater. The only exception to this rule is animals used to assist persons with disabilities. Animals used in performance must be approved in advance by the World Theater Director and may be brought into the World Theater only during actual rehearsals or performances. While not on stage, animals must be kept in the backstage area, preferably out of doors.

13. BACKSTAGE POLICY: Guests will not be allowed backstage before the end of a performance. Due to safety concerns, guests will not be allowed to pass through stage areas from the main audience chamber at any time.

14. CONCESSIONS: The sale of merchandise, souvenirs, or goods of any kind is subject to the approval of the World Theater Director or House Services Coordinator. Arrangements for such sales must be made no later than thirty (30) days prior to presentation/event, so World Theater staff has adequate time to set-up and coordinate user request. Support for selling concessions (money bag, sales personnel, merchandise inventory and security) will be the responsibility of User. The World Theater retains the right to sell food and drink items and its own merchandise at all events without User sharing in the proceeds.

15. STANDING AND/OR DANCING: For events in the World Theater, patrons are not allowed to dance or stand in front of other seated customers. Unfortunately, the theater is not designed to support dancing in the audience chamber.

16. DISRUPTIVE PERSONS: The World Theater reserves the right to remove from the venue any person or persons who is causing a public disturbance to other patrons or physical damage to the premises. Disruptive persons may include individuals under the influence of substances and children who are inattentive and disruptive.

17. STAGE ANNOUNCEMENTS: The World Theater may make safety announcements from the stage or play pre-recorded safety messages prior to events in the facility.

18. RESTRICTIONS DURING PERFORMANCES: Cameras, recording devices, pagers, cell phones, smoking, food and beverages are strictly prohibited in all performance areas during events. Any exceptions to this rule should be addressed to the World Theater director, no later than one week prior to event.

19. PARKING SERVICES: All events charging an admission at the box office will pay an additional charge to University Police Department/Parking Services for use of parking lot #28 for audiences attending the event. Parking will be free for all patrons using lot #28 for free events at the World Theater. World Theater staff will coordinate all logistics directly with University Police Department/Parking Services. User will bear all costs for CSO's hired for events, if deemed necessary by the World Theater for patron safety reasons. The hiring of CSO's will be discussed with User in advance of the event.

Box Office/Publicity/Promotion

1. TICKET OFFICE FEES: All ticketed events in the theater must use tickets supplied by the World Theater. A fee of $1.00 for each ticket distributed will be charged (this includes full price, discount and complimentary tickets). The per ticket fee covers the cost of ticket staff services (selling, handling) and ticket stock. This fee must be included in the price printed on the ticket. For each mail, fax and phone order, there will an additional fee of $2.00 charged to patrons for each order processed.

2. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE FEES: All events in which an admission is collected through the World Theater box office is subject to an eight (8) percent fee on all revenue generated and deposited in the World Theater stateside trust account. The fee is to cover support expenses from CSUMB's office of Business Administration and Finance. The eight percent fee will be deducted from revenue sales.

3. USER CONFIRMATION OF DATES: Dates and times requested are not considered confirmed until the User returns to the World Theater Director a signed World Theater Facilities Request Confirmation Form.

4. ANNOUNCEMENT OF EVENT: User shall not announce an event until the User has returned to the World Theater Director a signed World Theater Facilities Request Confirmation Form and the Box Office Questionnaire & Event/Ticket Information Sheet.

In addition, User agrees to withhold all publicizing and marketing of an event/performance, until all marketing materials and press announcements have been reviewed by the World Theater Director. We review marketing materials for accuracy of event date, time, location, etc.

6. SPONSORSHIP AND CO-SPONSORSHIP: The User may not imply in any way that the World Theater is sponsoring or co-sponsoring an event unless such sponsorship or co-sponsorship has been arranged in writing in advance, and publicity materials have been approved by the World Theater Director.

7. DISPLAYS IN WORLD THEATER: All displays must be communicated in advance to the World Theater and will only be allowed in such areas as are specified and designated display areas. The User is prohibited from driving any tack, nail, screw, or other fastening device into the ceilings, walls, or floors of the World Theater so as to mar, deface, or damage the facility. The use of double-sided, duct or gaffer tape on walls in strictly prohibited.

8. OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL: Should the event contain any material that may be viewed by any segment of the community as being morally objectionable, World Theater recommends that the User include a phrase in all marketing collateral that alerts the potential ticket buyer to the maturity of the theme or actions.

9. COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS FOR THEATER: The User shall make available a total of ten (10) complimentary tickets to the World Theater to use for each performance given to the public. These tickets will be held at the box office and seats used for front-of-house purposes (emergency seating, etc).

10. COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS FOR USER: Only the User listed on the World Theater Facilities Confirmation Form will be able to request complimentary tickets for their event. All requests must be completed on the "Request for Complimentary Tickets Form" and delivered to the World Theater box office no later than 24 hours prior to the event. If the event falls on a Sunday, the Complimentary Ticket Form must be received by 5:00pm the Friday prior. Any request for complimentary tickets on behalf of User other than authorized representative will not be honored.

11. HOURS OF OPERATION: The box office is open Monday through Friday, 12 noon - 4:00pm. On performance days the box office will open one hour prior to curtain and will stay open through intermission.

Correct name of building and billing

Name of building:

California State University Monterey Bay
World Theater, Building 28
5260 6th Ave.
Seaside, CA 93955

Contact info (for ticketed events only):

World Theater Box Office

For tickets, or additional information, please contact:

(831) 582-4580, (831) 582-5066 TTY/TDD

Contact info (for non-ticketed events):

User name and User phone number