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The WWC is back this Spring! Gather your teammates, put on your walkin' shoes, and get ready for some friendly competition!

Brought to you by University Personnel and the Kinesiology Department.

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The Workplace Walk-Off Challenge is a friendly 6-week walking competition event between CSUMB staff and faculty to increase the amount of exercise we should be doing every day to promote a healthier lifestyle, relieve stress, and improve mental aquity!


To participate, gather your teammates together (may consist of 4-8 CSUMB members), select a team captain, take a team photo and have each individual team member sign a release of liability form. Submit all forms/team photo to University Personnel in Tide Hall (bldg. 23), or email to

Release of Liability
Download document
Team Registration and Photo Form
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"Walking is man's best medicine."
Hippocrates 460-370 BC