The VPA program is unique in its integration of studio and theory courses. This has direct application for the fields of public and community arts as well as teaching and museum professions.

We have four areas of emphasis:

  • Murals and painting
  • Sculpture installation and performance art
  • Integrated media (photography and digital art)
  • Museum studies and arts education

As a small department we work very closely with our students and pride ourselves on being user friendly. As a student-centered program, we include student points of view, student-generated activities, and suggestions for learning experiences.

We hope that you will choose to join us.

As a VPA student, I believe I have been given the opportunity to think in a critical and reflective-based manner about art. I have learned to use my developing artistic skills to produce work that is personal to myself with a reflective and critical view of life and my place within it.

I also believe that I have developed skills involving critical interpretations to use when observing the art of other people.

Honestly I believe if I had taken the traditional art school route, I would have learned the monotonous versions of art history, rather than truly engaging and observing the history within the art, not just memorizing artists and dates (can we say boring?)

Nicole Ricci, VPA graduate