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STAR aims to produce excellent K-12 STEM teachers by providing aspiring teachers with opportunities to do authentic research while helping them translate their research experience into classroom practice. STAR also supports the continued development of our Teacher-Researcher Fellows with ongoing professional development and networking opportunities.

About STAR

STAR is a nine-week paid summer research experience program for aspiring K-12 STEM teachers from any California State University (CSU) Campus or Noyce Scholars from any US university. Undergraduates on a teaching path, STEM undergraduates seriously considering a career in teaching, masters students, or credential candidates who want to be the best STEM teachers with the most real-world science, technology, engineering, and math experience on their resume' compete to become STAR Fellows.

STAR Program Goals

  • Attract undergraduate science, mathematics, engineering, and liberal studies majors to STEM teaching careers by providing them with professional identities as researchers as well as educators
  • Allow future STEM teachers to gain first-hand experience within applied research settings
  • Cultivate increased interest and prestige in the teaching profession to address the severe shortage of STEM teachers
  • Anchor pre-service teachers in a community of scientific practice so that they better understand what it means to be a scientist and a STEM teacher
  • Foster inquiry-based teaching and learning strategiesIncrease interest and learning in STEM fields among K-12 students
  • Reduce STEM teacher attrition
  • Expand outreach opportunities between research facilities and K-12 schools which may include experiments, field trips, and guest scientist visits

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Center

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