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Online Training (SumTotal)

Need Help?

Email the SumTotal Admin:

New to the CSUMB?

Welcome! Access to your SumTotal trainings can take up to 3 business days from your effective start date. Please log into SumTotal through your Dashboard on or after the third day.

New to Working Remotely?

Visit the Working Remotely page for some helpful hints..

A Few Helpful Reminders When Accessing Trainings in SumTotal:

  • SumTotal trainings are currently available on PCs and Laptops.
  • The time frame from effective date (entered into CMS) to Sumtotal accessibility is usually 3 business days. This usually applies to New Hires. If you are a current employee and have been assigned a training, access is typically available the next business day.
  • It is best to access SumTotal via Google Chrome. from the CSUMB Dashboard. If using Chrome, make sure Flash is enabled. Switching to Firefox too might be helpful.
  • A majority of the trainings are available for self-assigning. We auto-assign a few trainings for new hires, and any others by request as needed.
  • When you begin a new training, make sure to keep all windows open to stay connected.
  • Please reference the listed job aides to assist with cookies/cache clearing, self-assigning, and some trainings that require extra steps.

Learning Bundles 

DEI learning bundle 

Positive Psychology

Work/Life Balance

Off the Shelf

Information about virtual book clubs and access to ebooks, audiobooks, and book summary content to enrich the learning experience with monthly highlights!


Helpful Job Aides

Self-Assigning Defensive Driving

Stateside employees, please visit the Driving on University Businesspage to review the required additional steps.

Corporation employees, please visit the Corporation Defensive Driving Program to review the required additional steps.

Issues with SumTotal Access

SumTotal can be a little finicky. If you experience an issue with accessing a training, please empty your cache/cookies. If you continue experiencing issues, please send an email with screenshots (if possible) to, or open an IT Ticket for assistance