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EAP Educational Webinars

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) administrator, Empathia Pacific, offers FREE educational webinars and articles to help manage your life in the menu of LifeMatters services. These are designed to provide helpful information and practical tools for work and home. Register today on the Empathia website to get access to these free resources!

How to register

  • Go to and follow the directions on that page. Please sign in with your company password (MBotters). (Managers - please add a "2" after the password)
  • For live webinars, click on the link for the webinar you would like to attend and follow the registration instructions.
  • You must register prior to the start of the live webinar to attend.
  • Transcripts for non-captioned, archived webinars are available upon request.

** These webinars are considered personal (i.e. not work-related) but are offered on campus for your convenience. Should you wish to attend the webinar, please coordinate your attendance with your supervisor by requesting use of appropriate leave time. **

University Personnel

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