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E-Scooter Sharing

Electric scooter share (aka 'Scooters') is a transportation program on campus provided by Bird. The scooters are a 'sharing' program, which means that the scooters are available at any time for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

To start riding, download the Bird App, unlock, ride, park at designated areas, and lock before walking away without any concern for ownership, maintenance, or storage.

How to Ride

  • Download and open the Bird App
  • Find a Scooter using the map. Bird Scooters can be reserved up to 30 minutes in advance.
  • Scan the scooter's QR code with your app to start riding. To accelerate, press the throttle on the right of the handlebars. To slow or stop, use the brake levers on the handlebars.
  • Always use caution, be predictable, and be aware of your surroundings when riding. Follow all traffic rules and enjoy the ride.
  • Park your vehicle neatly in a designated parking area - do not block access pathways or sidewalks. 


Current rates are available in the Bird App.

Need help or support?

Email Bird or visit the Bird Help Center

A person using the app to unlock a Bird Scooter

Sustainability Statement

Bird is committed to enabling a more livable, sustainable future by reducing gas-powered car trips, traffic, and carbon emissions. Bird is continuing to evolve with every facet of a more sustainable future and making the changes we need to bring our mission of making cities more livable to life and responsibly. More on Bird's Commitment to Sustainability

Ride Responsibly

  • Ride on roads whenever possible.
  • Always stop at stop signs.
  • Park neatly at designated areas found on the App or flagged. Keep clear of doorways, ramps, and sidewalks.
  • ALWAYS YIELD to pedestrians.

Designated Parking Areas

Scooters can only be parked at locations shown on the map in the Bird App.

  • Most building entrances and/or bike rack areas will be identified as parking areas. Check the App for details.
  • If your scooter will not allow you to end your ride, you probably have not entered the parking zone yet.

Slow Zones:

  • Main Quad
  • North Quad
  • most parking lots

Scooters will slow down in high pedestrian and other areas for safety reasons. Slow zones are shown on the Bird App. Slow zones are listed above. Remember to ride on the street where possible.

A girl riding a Bird Scooter

Additional Guidelines

  • CA law requires the rider to hold a driver's license or permit.
  • Do not bring scooters indoors
  • One rider per scooter
  • Leave one ear free of headphones while riding
  • Abide by all traffic laws

Scooters indoors: Per Student Housing Community Standards scooters are not allowed inside of any residential building on campus. Scooters are owned by Bird, not by individual residents, therefore there is no need for them to enter the building as they should be outside for public use. Individuals found in possession of such prohibited devices may be subject to conduct action. 

  • Skateboards/Skates/Bicycles - Motorized Devices:

    Due to recent reports by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Student Housing & Residential Life will no longer allow the storage, possession or charging of any Hover boards, Swagways, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, motorized scooters (i.e. Lime or Bird), and similar devices within any CSUMB Housing facility. These housing facilities include; North Quad, East Campus, Main Campus, and Promontory. Student Housing & Residential Life is concerned about the potential impact that these devices may have on your safety. Individuals found in possession of such prohibited devices may be subject to conduct action.

    This includes bringing Bird Scooters into East Campus apartments and garages

    Quiet Hours

    Quiet hours: Individuals using Bird scooters near residence halls must comply with CSUMB quiet hours which are as follows:

    • Sunday through Thursday: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
    • Friday and Saturday: Midnight to 10:00 a.m.
    • Courtesy hours for excessive noise and behavior are in effect 24 hours per day.

    From the Community Standards:

    Skateboards/Skates/Bicycles – Use of Wheeled Apparatus/Quiet Hours:

    The use of the wheeled apparatus shall at no time violate the Courtesy/Quiet Hours Policy.

    Courtesy/Quiet Hours – Parks and Parking Lots:

    Parks and designated parking lots in East Campus are closed at dusk. Individuals found to be in these areas may be cited by the University Police Department and/or be subject to conduct action.

    Courtesy/Quiet Hours – Parameters of Quiet Hours:

    For the purpose of our community were providing an environment conducive to learning and student success are priorities, when Quiet Hours are in effect, noise cannot be audible outside a resident’s room, suite, apartment, or community space. Below describes the parameters of Quiet Hours in our residential communities:

    • Sunday through Thursday: 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
    • Friday and Saturday: Midnight to 10:00 a.m.
    • Special notes regarding Courtesy/Quiet Hours:*

    *All outside areas, including courtyards, grill areas, common areas such as basketball and volleyball courts, and parking lots grill areas, Frederick Park common areas (i.e., streets, court islands, driveways, etc.), must adhere to this standard.

    *Prior to, and during, the final exam periods for fall and spring semesters, the CSU Monterey Bay living communities on Main Campus honor 22-hour Quiet Hours (there is a two hour break in 24-Hour Quiet Hours in the evening). Violating Quiet Hours during these periods may result in immediate removal from housing. Information will be posted each semester to provide the dates and times for Quiet Hours during final exam periods.

    *If an individual is found responsible for violation of the Main Campus 22 – hour Quiet Hours, the individual found responsible may be asked to leave immediately and not able to return until the following semester, even if the student still has finals to take.

    *Due to the growth, development, and maintenance of CSU Monterey Bay and its agents, there may be construction/maintenance and other related noise that is beyond the scope of enforcement of Student Housing & Residential Life.