Assessment resources for courses and programs (ILO4)

Institutional Learning Outcome 4: Specialized Knowledge

CSUMB graduates apply knowledge, theories, methods, and practices in a chosen field of study to address real-world challenges and opportunities.


ILO4 consists of each program's major learning outcomes (MLOs) that are assessed during annual outcomes assessments that inform program review and program improvement plans (PIPs). CSUMB degree programs can use the resources below to help plan course- and program-level assessment projects. Upon request, TLA is available to consult with programs on designing, implementing, and/or responding to assessment results.

Assessment philosophy: For information about CSUMB's assessment philosophy and assessment of ILO1 (Intellectual Skills), see Supporting Student Achievement of the Intellectual Skills at CSUMB.

Course-level assessment (CSUMB community only)

Learning Assessment Techniques (LATs)

Program-level assessment (CSUMB community only)

Assessment modules

On request, TLA can facilitate sessions on assessment topics for course instructors, programs, or departments.

Other assessment support resources (CSUMB community only)

Assessment support website (CSUMB only)

This website contains additional resources for assessing student achievement of learning outcomes in curricular and co-curricular contexts.

Understanding assessment

Recommended readings for understanding the national assessment context and how assessment supports student achievement at CSUMB.