Tech Rent meets your high tech needs at low rental prices.


Monday & Wednesday: 10AM-2PM
Tuesday & Thursday: 8AM-10AM
Friday 9AM-1PM

Or by appointment. Call or email to schedule appt.


The Media Learning Center (Building 18)

Located next to Room 111 or
West Lobby in the 1st cubicle or
in room 118b.

Fine print

1) The Rental store DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH.
2) Items NOT returned on time or returned damaged will be subject to a $5.00 late fee per day & other penalties.
3) Any equipment or item NOT returned after 3 days past the original due date will be reported as missing/stolen to University Police and a financial hold will be placed on your account.

This project is supported by a grant from the US Department of Education, Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education/FIPSE.

Contact techrent

(831) 582-5107


Heron Hall