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Laundry to landscape system installed in Pinnacles and features art developed by CSUMB faculty and students

Conserving water protects finite clean water sources, saves resources used in water treatment, and makes the campus more resilient in times of climate crisis or natural disaster. The campus responded well to the most recent drought, which lasted from 2011-2019, and exceeded all water reduction mandates, primarily by reducing irrigation. The goals in this section support lasting reductions.


  • Installed low-water plumbing fixtures used to reduce building water use throughout campus.
  • Laundry to Landscape model system installed in Pinnacles Residential Hall, collecting, filtering and irrigating adjacent landscaping with water from 8 washing machines.
  • 26% decrease in potable water use since 2011.
The chart illustrates the building water use over time. From 2013-2014, water use was up to 290 acre ft/year. In 2015-2016, water use decreased to 255 acre ft/year. In 2017-2018, water use further decreased to 245 acre ft/year.
This chart illustrates Irrigation Water Use over time. In 2013-2014, irrigation water use was 120 acre ft/year. In 2015-2016, irrigation water use was 30 acre ft/year. In 2017-2018 irrigation water use was 90 acre ft/year.


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