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Landfill Diversion

Image of trash in a landfill
Image of recycling (top half) vs landfill (bottom half)

CSU Sustainability Policy Goals

  • Reduce solid waste disposal by 50% by 2016.
  • Reduce solid waste disposal by 80% by 2020.
  • Move to zero waste.
CSU Plastics Policy Infographic

Increasing Regulations

CalRecycle Requirements (State of California)

  • Annual Report
  • Mandatory recycling, 75% waste diverted by 2020.
  • Mandatory composting since 2017.
  • Mandatory receptacles, signage, education and staffing since 2017.
AB 314-RecycleAB 1826- Food Waste
Learn How to Sort your Waste on Campus!

More information regarding CSU Sustainability Policy Goals can be found here:

CSU Sustainability


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