Highlights Around Campus


CSUMB just received its very own beehive from Monterey Bay Aquarium. Rebecca Ortega, an ENVS senior who advocated for and obtained the hive, hopes to provide honey to the school and aquarium. If you want to learn more or are interested in helping tend to the beehive, email Rebecca at

The ‘art’ in earth


CSUMB students and VPA seniors Tanya Carbajal and Mercedes Marciel have won the Earth Award, granting them the opportunity to design a mural in the campus Dining Commons. The Mural will focus on key aspects of conservation, recycling, and food waste in order to facilitate a dialogue around these issues.


Gender inclusive bathrooms

In support of an inclusive and welcoming campus environment, gender inclusive bathrooms continue to be designated throughout campus. Current locations include building 4 (Wave), 6 (Surf), 8 (Sand) and 10 (Dunes) and 80 (Health and Wellness Services). Additional locations are having updated signs installed for consistency and adherence to the standard for gender inclusive restrooms. Visit the gender inclusive restroom map for more information.