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Providing and promoting healthy eating options has a positive influence on the health and wellness of our students and the environment. Food insecurity can impact students’ academic success and simultaneously food waste is a major contributor to GHG emissions. By redirecting good food to students we can create a win-win situation. The food system is directly connected to water use, GHG emissions and human rights, by conscientiously choosing what food we purchase and eat, our impact can extend far beyond campus.


  • CSUMB Starbucks donated 8, 328 individual packaged items to students in the year 2019 and 285 Dining Commons meals were donated in Fall 2019.
  • Sustainable dairy purchasing is at 4%, as defined by STARS.
  • Food pantry received 1,037 unique visitors in 2019 and over 100 pounds of food were collected during Winter 2019 move-out and distributed in January to students.


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