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Conduct Investigations

Once a report of unacceptable conduct is submitted to the Student Conduct Administrator, an investigation of the alleged conduct is done. Students are considered to be innocent until such time as sufficient information is obtained to substantiate the charge.

Due process is afforded all students. The investigation includes a conference with the student and an open discussion of the charges. The student is given access to the information in the report and is informed of any evidence that supports the charge.

During the conference, students are encouraged to come to an agreement with the Student Conduct Administrator as to the student's responsibility. Possible sanctions are discussed along with educational remedies that may benefit the student's personal development.

Students who are found to have committed a conduct violation can expect to receive a sanction. Sanctions are imposed in an effort to provide the student with the opportunity to learn from the experience. The penalty should have an educational aim to encourage the student's development and person growth.

Following the conference, the Student Conduct Administrator will prepare a "Settlement Letter" which outlines the sanction and any conditions imposed. Once the Settlement Letter is signed by the student, the case is closed and the student will be not be subject to any further disciplinary action.

Students who do not accept the sanction are given the right to have the case reviewed through a formal hearing process.

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Chart of EO 1098 Student Disciplinary Process

Student Conduct

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