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Academic Integrity Violation


In accordance with CSU Executive Order 1098, academic dishonesty cases that occur in the classroom shall be handled by faculty member. However, after action has been taken, the faculty member shall complete this form to identify the student who is found responsible, the general nature of the offense, the action taken, and a recommendation as to whether or not additional administrative action is needed. The completed form is then sent by the faculty member to the Vice President for Student Affairs in care of the Office of Student Conduct.

This process provides an opportunity to hold students accountable and to identify students with multiple academic dishonesty reports. In all cases, the student may be subject to an academic sanction as determined appropriate by the faculty member, as well as administrative sanctions deemed necessary by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Reporting Procedure

To report a case, please complete the sections below and send this form via campus mail to the Vice President for Student Affairs in care of the Office of Student Conduct in Building 12. Questions regarding the treatment of academic dishonesty cases can be addressed by contacting the Office of Student Conduct at 582-4597 or Student Affairs at 582-4081.

Academic Integrity Violation Report Form
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Student Conduct

(831) 582-4597