IT@CSUMB's instructions for maintaining your A-Z profile include how to find your Employee ID.

Access Request to SPO's PI Tools is a Google Form you must be logged in with your CSUMB username to use.

Clipboard Checlist

Separate Your Professional from Personal Accounts

With the evolution of online tools progressing so quickly, you could have profiles and accounts which contain both personal and professional outputs. For example: You may have a YouTube or Vimeo account that you've posted family videos to and you want to keep it active. If CSUMB's Library institutional repository Digital Commons isn't live (ready to accept your content) yet, create a separate account for work-related outputs. Keep this in mind as you fill out your PI Profile with SPO.

What are the search terms (keywords) you're currently using to search for external funding? These are your benchmark for comparing with future funding opportunity search results after AIM.

Ready for AIM now?

Once you've prepared your professional profile information, you're ready for AIM.