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CSU ARI Campus Funding

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DEADLINE: Friday, February 2, 2018

CSUMB is continuing with its “Associate” member status to the CSU Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) affinity group. We have a Campus allocation of $272,727 in direct costs to award! With this funding we estimate to make between 3-6 awards. The ARI is a California State University (CSU) multi-campus applied agricultural and environmental sciences research consortium.

Deadline: CSUMB’s Campus Proposals deadline is Friday, 2/2/18. We will then complete internal review/approval via our CSUMB Kuali system by the final ARI system deadline of 2/17/18. Project Start dates are projected to be 5/1/18 and up to two years in length.

Eligibility: Per ARI requirements, Project Directors must have “PI” status with CSUMB (tenured, tenure-track faculty or Adjunct Research Faculty).

Match Requirement: All ARI funding (including the additional 10% Admin Fee on each project's direct costs) must be matched at a 1:1 minimum with non-general fund dollars and with at least 25% of the match as cash (not In-kind).

Guidelines & Manual: The ARI RFP/Guidelines (contain general information, formatting instructions, and proposal guidelines) and Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) for FY 2018-2019 are approved and are on the ARI website. The Campus Funding proposal specifics are mostly on pages 10-15 in the ARI RFP Guidelines and the Evaluation Criteria on pages 16-17.

NEW: InfoReady Proposal Submission: Campus proposal submissions will be made through the InfoReady microsite created for CSUMB. A CSUMB eligible PI can reach the proposal center directly or through the CSU ARI main page. As this is a new system you will need to register as a new user through CSUMB’s ARI microsite. After you have created a new account you will be in the system and will not have to do this again for future proposals, etc.

Start Early: There are many required ARI forms within the InfoReady system that need completing so please prepare documents early for the 2/2/18 deadline!!

About ARI: The ARI primarily focuses on finding immediate and practical solutions for high-priority challenges facing California agriculture in the following broad research categories that have the potential to affect the sustainability and profitability of California agriculture

 Agricultural Business

 Biodiversity

 Biotechnology

 Food Science/Safety/Security

 Natural Resources

 Production and Cultural Practices

 Public Policy

 Water and Irrigation Technology

Based on State, national, and global challenges driven by environmental and regulatory concerns, new technology, and international competitiveness, California agricultural industry representatives, the ARI Board of Governors and the CSU’s Agricultural Advisory Committee recommended that an additional priority be given to projects specifically addressing the following research topics in agriculture:

 Climate change, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestering

 Food safety and security practices and technologies

 Water quality, infrastructure, and conveyance technologies

 Energy efficiencies and alternative energy/fuel technologies and production

 Environmental infrastructure improvement and restoration

 Invasive species monitoring, prevention and eradication

 Public health and safety priorities

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